How to Remove Age Spots on Hands

Age Spots on Hands

Age spots on hands are also called liver spots. These brown age spots on the hands are caused by an overexposure to the sun. They appear on hands of people over the age of 55. Age spot on hands are basically collection of melanin under the first layer of the skin. Age spots on hands are also considered evidence of free radicals’ damage on your body.

You can remove age spots on hands and face with a variety of treatments, some natural and some chemical, all which have a different time frame of curing these age spots. There are treatments like laser treatment, application of acidic lotion and freezing treatment.

The freezing treatment including freezing the upper layer of the skin with liquid nitrogen in a technique called cryotherapy. After a few weeks the skin of the age spots falls off.

Lasers are quite commonly used to treat age spots. Lasers lighten these particular liver spots. It burns the spot, making it gray and eventually developing a crust. The crust eventually falls off to show brand new skin.

There are even chemical peels that are used to treat liver spots. The peels, as they are acidic, peel away the skin layer by layer, lightening the spots. Bleach is then used to bring the skin to a normal color. But using acid, even diluted or even directly on your skin can have some after effects on your skin. There are also many treatments that easily available over the counter.

Home Remedies for Age Spots

remove age spots on hands
You can also treat age spots on hands with home remedies. Home remedies for age spots include application of items easily found either in your kitchen or in your garden.

• Application of the gel on the age spots repeatedly can help these age spots to fade. Aloe vera plant fights inflammation and is good for burn injuries so can even be used to soothe the skin after chemical peels.

• A mixture of orange juice and apple cider vinegar can be applied on areas with age spots. You can also leave it on the spot by attaching a cotton swab of this mixture to it.

• Castor oil has great efficacy on age spots on hands as also on any other part of your body. Applying it regularly on liver spots can cure them in a month.

• A paste of chickpeas applied on the age spots on hands is also known to make them fade.

• The lactic acid in buttermilk is also known to help reduce the appearance of age spots.